I’m Anthony Berklich and I’m a travel aficionado living in New York City. From the time I was a child, I had an obsession with traveling and hearing the stories of people from far away places. Whenever I had the opportunity to explore a new destination, it had an impact on me that forever changed my DNA. Somehow, through travel, I was able to understand myself, and others, just a little bit better.

There’s always something that can influence us to live bigger and better. I hope to offer information that I’ve collected through my travels, and relay it to you in a meaningful and inspiring way that sparks you to explore the world around you.

I’m a trained journalist, having graduated from both New York and Columbia Universities. But journalism, in its traditional sense, makes me tired. Reporting stories for the sake of the “news” does not excite me enough to jump out of bed in the morning, ready to seize the day. I want to understand more. I want to understand how people achieve their success and how they’ve discovered that “thing” they were put on this planet to do or be. Why? It’s my belief that this information makes me that much wiser about my own experience and has the power to lead me to my highest potential.