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Anthony - Sabi Sachi - St. Petersburg, Russia - 1

I recently traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to experience the city and, also, to attend a beautiful gala held at a private home by dear Russian friends of mine. It was a formal event, and, being that St. Petersburg is considered the most sophisticated city in Russia, I had to dress for the occasion.

It’s not easy when traveling overseas for an event, as, even when you think you know what you should wear, it’s not always the case. But, luckily, I had the perfect treasure in mind for this moment.

My friends instructed their guests to wear something formal, but with personality. As a man, this isn’t always an easy charge as “personality” can come off as cheesy or attention seeking – nothing any respectable man wants to be perceived as. I like to have fun with clothing, but I don’t ever want to look like I’m trying too hard.

St. Petersburg is an imperial city, one with ornate architecture, detail, art and glamour. So, I chose something I thought fit the occasion. I wore a custom-made blazer crated for me by the incredible Indian designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Mr. Mukherjee is legendary in India, and hails from Kolkata. His work is known across the country, and world, and is celebrated by heads-of-state, celebrities and others who simply appreciate evocative fashion.

While traveling in India, I came across Mr. Mukherjee’s store in New Delhi. I fell in-love with one of his pieces, designed for a wedding that was hand embroidered with silver embellishments and pearls. I expressed my love of the item to his office, and they created a custom blazer in the same style.

It took months to make, crafted painstakingly by hand. Multiple people were involved and used the highest quality linen, cotton and silver. The result is a transformational piece, one that is cherished for a lifetime. One so beautiful and special, you wish to frame it and keep it on the wall as a piece of art to forever admire.