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Skinceuticals, the science-based skincare brand behind many of the top-performing vitamin c products on the market, offers an effective grouping of age-reversing serums and creams that make the perfect cocktail for looking your best this summer. These products, when used together, ensure true change in your skin’s appearance and health.

The first product, the “Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector”, targets sun spots and discoloration that can come with sun damage and age. The product penetrates those areas and lightens them, creating an even appearance and skin tone. Your coloring will appear more youthful and bright. Hyperpigmentation will be a thing of past after just a few weeks of use.

The second product, the “Skinceuticals Neck, Chest and Hand Repair”, remembers the often-forgotten areas of the body that show age just as quickly as your face. Your face can be well-kept but your neck and hands will give away your age in a heartbeat. Don’t make the mistake. This product brightens and plumps the hard-to-treat areas and helps even the skin’s tone.

The final product, the “Skinceuticals C + AHA”, is a combination of a potent 15% vitamin c as well as alpha-hydroxy acids to aid in your skin’s exfoliation. The vitamin c provides a strong antioxidant that penetrates deeply, repairing sun damage and protecting skin cells from further assaults from the environment. The AHA helps in the natural process of sloughing off dead skin, allowing your new skin to shine through.

I trust Skinceuticals because their products have been well-researched and vetted. There’s no smoke in mirrors here. This triple-threat will be your saving grace well after the summer season.