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MSI Surfaces, with their expansive selection of countertops, flooring, and other materials take the cake as the number one resource for luxury surfaces in 2022. MSI is not a small operation and they cater to nearly everyone’s taste and budget for an interior build or remodel. Their vast selection includes natural stone like granite and marble, as well as man-made stone like quartz.  Their regional salespeople know the product inside and out and can work with you on selecting the perfect surface for your project. They stock much of their product and ship time is usually quick – which makes things easier.

We worked with MSI Surfaces to install their quartz product inside a luxury loft space in Manhattan. We chose their stunning Calcatta Laza quartz, which is an incredible stone that effortlessly mimics marble – but with the known durability of quartz. The design is elegant, luxury-minded, and can elevate any space.

It was chosen in conjunction with MSI Surfaces to use on the galley-style kitchen countertop as well as a built-in dry bar in the living area. The loft is the perfect spot to showcase this material as it’s modern yet timeless – and very durable.

The Calcatta Laza quartz instantly brightened the space from the countertop to the backsplash. The milky-white background is punctuated with a soft brown veining that mimics marble. This quartz is very easy to clean and nearly maintenance-free, which is a bonus for any busy cook who utilizes their kitchen – even in a city like New York. New Yorkers are always trying to maximize their space, no matter what their budget is for a dwelling, so choosing a surface that has the power to transform the area is of utmost importance. MSI Surfaces offers the perfect range to make this happen for any city dweller. Aside from their stunning products, MSI surfaces is known for their commitment to LEED in maximizing green building design strategies. They are also certified by Greenguard for not contributing toxic substances to indoor air quality.

MSI was founded in 1975 by two immigrants from India with a dream. MSI Surfaces began in the basement of a home in Ft. Wayne, Indiana by Manu and Rika Shah as a side business while working full-time jobs. The company has grown over the past 47 years into a global business with over 2 billion dollars in revenue. This is important because the Shah’s dedication to hard work and the product they were selling has permeated every facet of their business, and the company is truly at the forefront of sourcing and development in the surfaces industry. This is why they’re trusted by so many.

MSI Surfaces’s products are for everyone and every space – it’s just a matter of choosing which will work for you.