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Dr. Karyn Grossman is a cosmetic dermatology wizard. Operating two offices in Santa Monica, California, and New York City, she has earned an incredible amount of respect amongst her peers and patients since founding her practice, Grossman Dermatology, in 1995. As a pioneer of the “natural look”, she strives to give her patients the “best of the best” through every needle poke, skin product, skin tightening, and fat removing procedure she offers at her locations. Patients literally flock to her, booking months in advance for her limited availability on each coast. Nonetheless, once a coveted spot is booked in her schedule, you can expect to get nothing but kindness, attention, and a detail-oriented approach to turning back the clock on what the sun, age, and environment have done to your face and body. Aside from her expertise, intelligence, and talent, Dr. Grossman is energetic and genuinely excites you at the possibilities your appearance holds – if you are willing to take it seriously and do the work it takes to get from point A to point B.

I am a patient of Dr. Grossman and visited her at her Upper East Side location during one of her whirlwind New York trips. Being 37 years old and having had touches of filler and Botox before, I was excited to experience what I had heard so much about. It had been about two years since I had done anything to my face and was definitely ready for a touch-up. Looking in the mirror, I was bothered by under-eye hollows from frequent travel, tear troughs forming from age, loss of cheek volume, and a touch of sagging around my usually sharp jawline. It was time to do something about it and I knew Dr. Grossman would be able to help. After a very detailed round of digital patient intake forms and a video consultation, she developed a plan for my face that she would enact a few days later when she landed in New York City.

Dr. Grossman is the best in the industry and there’s a reason for that. She holds natural talent and the ability to look at a patient from both a medical and cosmetic angle. Not only does she have the book smarts to have done her residency and fellowship at Harvard University, but she is able to use her tools and the latest technology available as an artist. This is rare. As I walked in for my early morning appointment in New York I was excited to meet her and her staff. The incredible women she has working with her travel between New York and Los Angeles and do a superb job of keeping patients informed, happy and in a good mood.

As I arrived, I was welcomed with enthusiasm and led to the treatment room where my before pictures were taken on an iPad. The room was already prepared with the materials Dr. Grossman decided upon during our virtual consultation. The table was full of everything from Botox, Radiesse, Restalyne, and more. At first glance, I thought to myself, “Oh, God. I must look worse than I thought.” But, as the doctor came in it became apparent that, like a true artist, she needed many “paints” and “colors” to choose from. It’s not that everything was used, but Dr. Grossman is meticulous about placing certain filler material and neurotoxins in just the right places – and she has her favorites for different areas of the face.

After a quick conversation and recap of what the plan was, Dr. Grossman went to work. One of the nurses had pre-numbed my face, so I was feeling no pain at all – just slight pressure as the filler began to be inserted. Dr. Grossman works efficiently yet with care, paying close attention to the patient’s comfort and stopping to hand them a mirror to look at things as she’s working. I absolutely love this as it allows you to be a part of the process. It makes the patient feel as if things are being done with them, instead of to them. Filler was placed in my upper cheek area, jawline, nose, nasal labial folds, and a few other places to round everything out. My procedure was complete within 30 minutes and I had minimal bruising and swelling after.

Dr. Grossman and her team made sure I was comfortable after the injections and had bags of ice prepared for me to use immediately. This helps minimize the swelling and bruising. I stayed in the office for fifteen minutes to ice and be sure I was good to go. And, within a few minutes, I was already on my way home. The day following my procedure I was slightly swollen. No one but I would know the difference. Honestly, Dr. Grossman’s technique is so gentle, there isn’t much concern about heavy-duty swelling – although this can happen with those prone to swell. Several days after my appointment as things began to settle, I looked better and better – and phenomenal after a week!

What I love about Dr. Grossman is just how much I naturally trust her. She incites this feeling in her patients and made me feel like I was truly being looked after. She is conservative and will not overdo anything on your face. She is the doctor for people seeking a true refresh, but one that no one else would be able to detect. She helps you achieve your full aesthetic potential and is honest along the way with what you can expect. After another day or two in New York, she was already back in Los Angeles and her team was on the phone with me to make sure I was feeling good post-procedure.

I believe Dr. Grossman is the best in the United States, and I am not alone in that opinion. I am now an advocate of her work and would recommend anyone looking for the perfect mixture of science and beauty make an appointment in Los Angeles or New York. You will indeed come through the other side looking the very best you possibly can.

Anthony Berklich photographed in Lake Como, Italy

Images provided by Grossman Dermatology