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Custom Neon, the Los Angeles-based neon sign makers, offers some of America’s most intelligently and affordably designed neon signs to their customers’ specifications across the globe – making neon creation truly easy and fun. We worked with the brand recently to create a custom sign for a luxury 1,800-square-foot loft space in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan – the Ultimate New York Apartment. We had a vision in mind and sought out a partner who could help bring it to life in the most unique way. After working with the company from inception to completion, we can wholeheartedly say that there’s no one like Custom Neon in the e-commerce neon marketplace.

The concept of the sign was simple, create a bold statement that reflects our vision and message to live your life to its fullest potential. And, who better to look to for that than a role model like Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Oprah, for decades, has stood as a prime example of what it means to discover who you are, put the work in to manifest your greatness on Earth, and give back to others whenever possible. In a cheeky attempt to mimic modern Christianity’s daily reminder to its believers of, “do your best” through the question, “What would Jesus do?”; we settled on, “What would Oprah do?”, as our reminder to live life to its absolute fullest.

Custom Neon loved the idea and ran with it, initiating their design teams who are based in the United States, Australia, and the UK. Through a series of back and forth emails we landed on a concept that turned our, “What would Oprah do?”, question into a bit of a word puzzle and placed the letters in a non-traditional vertical format to keep the piece visually interesting and allow for it to look like a lighting art piece, elevating the space in which it would hang.

Using LED lights that hold the ability to change color with a cordless remote, Custom Neon created something truly stunning mounted on a matte lucite backdrop. The matte lucite helps avoid reflection from daylight and allows the letters to look as if they are floating on the wall. The remote allows the piece to be set at any color for mood/vibe change, and that makes the sign incredibly personalized and fun.

Working with Custom Neon was truly a breeze. Once all the elements were settled on, the sign was delivered to our front door within three weeks. The process was simple, professional, fast, and detailed – which everyone loves. The founders of the company, Jake and Jess Munday, hail from Australia and have truly built a business with integrity and products that are of incredible quality. Their team is phenomenal and they have done signs for everyone from small businesses to well-known individuals, like Paris Hilton (they created one for her recent wedding extravaganza).

For anyone seeking an easy and professional creative team to work with in designing a neon moment for your personal space, business or event – you won’t find better than Custom Neon.