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Frog Hollow Farm is an anomaly, and truly stands as the leading online marketplace for organic fruit and small-batch specialty food prepared in their own kitchens and delivered right to your door. This farm-to-table operation is not new, as they began in 1972, but their offerings stand as time-tested goodness enjoyed by customers nationwide. We recently worked with the brand for a high-profile event in New York City, to introduce an influential group of guests to their incredible product range. Not only did the products arrive beautifully packaged, but the fruit could not have been more fresh and delicious. Their specialty baked goods and food is homemade and frozen for freshness, with minimal work needing to be done on the receiving end. Just bake and serve. All of this has grown from a 280-acre farm in Brentwood, California and truly allows anyone throughout the United States to enjoy farm-to-table food that will knock your socks off.

Frog Hollow Farm is impressive not only in their food and fruit offerings, but in the fact that they are completely regenerative. This means that every action and process is taken into consideration to be sure that there is as minimal an impact as possible on the planet. They produce over 3,000 pounds of usable compost every year from fruit, tree clippings, coffee grounds and more. This stands as a commitment to the planet and also shows the pride and care they put into all they do by proxy. Frog Hollow Farm doesn’t even waste their fruit that might be slightly blemished as it is allocated for CSA programs in California and sold at San Francisco Bay-area farmers markets. This operation is literally little to no waste.

When we ordered from Frog Hollow Farm we were able to receive the items within just a day or two, and the products delivered were mouth-watering. Our boxes were filled with everything from organic apples, pears, Meyer lemons, papaya, mangos, and more. The dry goods boxes were packed with the most incredible homemade granola, fruit preserves, honey, olive oil, almonds, and phenomenal dried fruit from the farm. The frozen boxes contained what we can only describe as items that looked like they came from your grandmother’s kitchen. Scones, blueberry turnovers, and pear galettes. The ready-to-eat baked goods contained sinfully rich chocolate brownies and pluot cookies. We couldn’t believe all of this came from one place and, although certain fruits come from partner farms, Frog Hollow Farm only works with those that are vetted to be the best.

The products from Frog Hollow Farm are perfect for an event, entertaining or simply for every day good living. The event we hosted was in the morning and was ideal for serving scones with apricot compote and olive oil, blueberry turnovers, sliced fruit, galette, granola, smoothies and dried fruit. Our chef prepared the frozen items with no hassle at all as Frog Hollow sends specific instructions of how to bake – which couldn’t be easier. The scones came out golden grown, the turnovers flaky and the galette light and elegant. People could not believe that the items had come all the way from California with this level of freshness.

In today’s climate with so many businesses seeking only profit with no regard for their impact on the planet, or with only initiatives for publicity purposes, Frog Hollow Farm couldn’t be further away from this. Their dedication to their customers and the environment is noticeable and admirable, something that many consumers are seeking in the endless array of options to consume. For anyone seeking only the best in organic fruit, baked goods and small-batch dry goods for your holiday entertaining and into the new year, Frog Hollow Farm is our choice for the best.