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EcoSmart, the phenomenal clean-burning ethanol fireplaces from MAD USA, are the most practical, beautiful, and easy-to-install fireplaces that require no gas line, electricity, or other sources of power that usually hinders most designers. Conceptualized by the innovative MAD Design Group, an Australia-based company with divisions in the United States, Canada, the UK, and more – these fireplaces allow the joy and coziness associated with traditional wood-burning fireplaces to be easily brought into your home. We worked with MAD USA recently to install two fireplaces in the living area and primary bedroom of the Ultimate New York Apartment – a 1,700-square-foot loft space in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

We worked with MAD USA and the Brooklyn-based contractor, Simply Divine Renovation, which is owned and led by Michael Rozinski. We began by receiving all the specifications from MAD USA regarding fireplace style, type, size, and detailed dimensions. This allowed our design team and Mr. Rozinski to develop an appropriate plan that would not only fit the rooms’ aesthetics but also allow for safety to remain a top priority with heat-resistant materials, etc. Once the master plan was outlined, MAD USA shipped their California-housed clean-burning ethanol devices to the location in New York so Mr. Rozinski could begin work on building the exterior structures that would house the units.

Working with MAD USA is easy because they have team members dedicated to collaborating with contractors so that their fireplace units can perform functionally and safely within the spaces in which they exist. Because the units are so versatile, there are many design options that can be implemented based on the look for which the designer and client are planning. We chose to keep the space more modern and avoid traditional stone or other materials for a mantle. Instead, we opted for clean lines with a faux wall built above the fireplace to avoid a boxy look and more of a traditional “vented” appearance.

The Simply Divine team was able to build the structures in both the main living area and bedroom that would house the fireplaces within a matter of ten days. This included using traditional drywall, heat-resistant hardy board, and steel supports. Once built, The EcoSmart units were slid in and secured easily. The fireplaces were then spackled and painted.

Once finished, we opted to paint the fireplaces the same Benjamin Moore Aura color as the walls and keep the inside of the fireplaces black to allow for a stark juxtaposition.

In the primary bedroom, the same tactics were used to build the structure, allowing for the perfect dimensions between two closet doors and adjusted to be a bit higher so that the roaring fire could be seen from the bed. Hanging above both the bedroom fireplace and the living area fireplace are Samsung “The Frame” televisions which added a sleek, non-TV appearance – to fit the modern vibe. The televisions work through WiFi and Mr. Rozinski created a trap door under each fireplace structure for the television boxes and WiFi routers to be hidden from sight.

The bedroom MAD USA fireplace added an unspeakable level of coziness and warmth to what was a cold, large, and empty room. The surprising thing about the ethanol produced by MAD USA is that it actually kicks out an incredible amount of heat. This is beneficial in the winter as an alternative to standard heating sources.

The team at MAD USA really are the fireplace experts. Aside from their clean-burning ethanol fireplaces, they do offer gas, electric, and fire pits amongst others. Their design is unparalleled in the industry and their customer service is seamless. Ethanol is absolutely perfect for New York City and many other cities around the country as no chimney or flue is required. Honestly, their usage is easy breezy. As long as you have the MAD USA-produced e-NRG ethanol on hand, which comes in easy-to-use fill bottles and a long lighter (provided by MAD USA) – you’ll be sitting in front of your fireplace with a glass of wine in no time.