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Located high in the hills of the Constantia neighborhood of Cape Town on the Silvermist estate, La Colombe continues to impress and outdo themselves in culinary innovation. A world-renowned restaurant headed by Scot Kirton and led by Executive Chef James Gaag, La Colombe brings guests into an experience that touches on all five senses from the moment you walk in the door. I have been lucky to dine here year after year and it never fails to impress. The beauty of the space, the views of nature, the sounds of the birds and the flavors – all marry together to make an experience you’ll never forget.

Lunch and dinner is available at La Colombe and both are equally wonderful. Plan on staying a while and the point of this place is to help you slow down, take-in what’s around you and indulge in special dishes that are all composed of locally sourced ingredients. On any given day you can be surprised with dishes like salmon with burnt lime and ponzu, bbq pork belly with scallop and spiced coconut or gnocchi with spiced apple and blue cheese. Every dish arrives in a choreographed sequence with servers who are incredibly kind, informed and ready to make your time there unforgettable.

My time over lunch was a trip for the eyes and mouth. One of my absolute favorite dishes were “cherries” made of foie gras and coated with a cherry gelee.

Each presentation of one of 9 or 12 courses adds elements of art and much of the dish is finished off right at your table, inevitable making you a part of the experience.

Being that South Africa has an incredible array of wines and wine regions, as well as craft ciders and beers – La Colombe does a fabulous job when a pairing is ordered to introduce unique labels from specialty producers that maybe less known. Each choice of beverage is on point and makes sense for the dish at hand.

The course size is ample, but not too much as not to make you full before you’ve been able to work your way through everything.

One of the chef’s signature dishes is the can of tuna, which is a playful take on canned tunafish – but replaced with ahi tuna garnished with herbs and flowers.

Of course a cheese course will follow the meal and the cheeses are all local as well.

Sweet endings at La Colombe are expected yet the bitter part is having to leave. This is a special place for lovers of food and art, a place that takes its job seriously but makes the guests feel perfectly at home. You just can’t miss it while in Cape Town.