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Etnia Casa Hotel, tucked into a forested plot of land along Brazil's Bahian coastline, is a refuge for peace and solitude that just so happens to sit a stone's throw from the center of Trancoso. For those of you not familiar with Trancoso, it is Brazil's answer to the French Riviera, The Hamptons, or St. Barth - but much more naturally chic and wild. A favorite vacation and second home spot of Brazilian celebrities, and international figures like Anderson Cooper, Trancoso mixes elevated culinary offerings, absolutely stunning beaches, wild rainforest, fantastic shopping, and beautiful weather nearly year-round. I was a recent guest at Etnia Casa Hotel, and fell in love with not only it's privacy and discretion, but its almost country-club-like atmosphere punctuated with phenomenal design.

Arriving Etnia Casa Hotel isn't easy, but that's part of the allure. Despite it's fame, Trancoso is fairly difficult to get to if you're not coming from within Brazil. It requires a flight to Sao Paulo, usually, followed by another flight to the port town of Porto Seguro, South of Salvador, and about an hour's drive along dirt roads. But, the drive is beautiful and, once you arrive, the place opens-up to a true oasis that you may just never want to leave. Etnia is one of the original establishments in the area and maintains its draw by offering a small experience in private homes that guests have all to themselves. This is not mass tourism, but the complete opposite - a place that has worked hard to maintain its authenticity.

Etnia Casa Hotel boasts private homes of varying sizes to accommodate everyone from couples, to families, or groups traveling together. The homes are all designed and put together by Italian-Brazilian mastermind, Andrea, who founded the concept years ago. Items in the homes are local and some brought from Italy, making for a visually interesting array of sights that add to the grandeur of it all. It's a nature and design-lover's paradise.

I stayed in two villas on-property during my time at Etnia - with each villa holding an indigenous name. The villas have their own unique character and both were equally attractive. The homes at Etnia are scattered along a lush green hillside where Birds of Paradise seem to jut-out from every slope. All of it surrounds a huge swimming pool flanked by an open-air cabana where a daily, typical Bahian breakfast is served in the morning.

Staying at Etnia affords you access to all the insider information any visitor would want. The owner, Andrea, and fantastic General Manager, Felipe, do everything in their power to assist with restaurant recommendations, bookings, activity bookings, shopping tips, and more. Trancoso is everybody's paradise because it has something for every traveling personality type. You can lounge by the pool or beach all day, or get in your vehicle and explore the coastline. You can kayak down the Trancoso river, or shop for indigenous art in the local markets. The staff at Etnia can organize any experience you would want to have while in town.

The villas at Etnia offer various catering options. You can have the entire place stocked for you upon arrival with everything from food to alcohol. Or, you can go out on your own and shop for groceries and bring them back to make your own meals. The team can also help you find a local chef to aid in preparing meals, or you can take advantage of wonderful food on-site and have it delivered to your house daily.

There are ample spaces indoors and outdoors to lounge, or relax with family.

The homes are set up to have grand living rooms, open kitchens, and large bedrooms that are all air conditioned and very comfortable.

To me, as a design lover, I was truly fascinated by every item I saw in each villa. I would wake up every morning seem to discover something new to look at. I would have a coffee and walk down to the breakfast cabana where I was greeted with a smile and a table full of the most beautiful and delicious food. Etnia offers you not only a vacation but a place to really settle-in, stop, and take-in all the beauty life can offer.