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Berlin isn't the first city that comes to mind when you think of a place to go for fabulous beauty treatments, but Inanna Medical Spa challenges that thought for any traveler who loves a little self-care moment while on the road. Recently, while in Berlin, I visited the spa for a custom Biologique Recherche facial. Biologique Recherche is my absolute favorite skincare regimen. It hails from France and is deeply rooted in science - proving to offer real results time and time again. When I landed in Berlin, with only two full days on the ground, my face was in need of a serious jet-lag cure, and Inanna was the place to go. I was searching for a facial that would not only clean, but lift, tone, tighten, and oxygenate my skin back to life - a true challenge for even the most experienced aesthetician.

Inanna Medical Spa is located not far from the historical "Checkpoint Charlie", once the most frequented crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. Now a major tourist site, the area is busy and lively - and Inanna is tucked into a peaceful corner all to itself, a sanctuary of quiet and calm in this ever-growing city. I arrived in an Uber from my stunning hotel, Orania Berlin, and was warmly greeted by the staff who made sure I was comfortable and assisted me in filling out an intake form. The spa is luxurious yet comfortable and as soon as I stepped-in, I was taken back to a treatment room where I could undress and slip under sheets onto a warm bed, preparing myself for a relaxing and rejuvenating facial.

My aesthetician came into the room and introduced herself, speaking to me about what type of facial I was looking for and what my goals were for the particular treatment. Of course I was very honest and feverishly made sure she was aware that my main objective was to lift my tired face back into place.

The Biologique Recherche treatments are very custom and each product is selected to help address certain issues your skin may be facing. In my case, it was dryness, lack of oxygen, collagen stimulation, and firming. Each cleanser, serum, and moisturizer helped bring my skin back to life and, over the 60-minute treatment, ayers of product were methodically layered with intention and purpose.

But, one of my favorite parts of a Biologique Recherche treatment, which Inanna specializes in, is the use of the proprietary microcurrent machine. This machine was developed decades ago and sends waves of microcurrent, at a professional grade, deep into your muscles and tissue to stimulate them, resulting in a tightened, firmed, and sculpted appearance. Wow! What a difference.

My short time at Inanna Medical Spa in Berlin was truly special and effective, and a welcoming part of my quick stay. I found my favorite beauty spot in the city and will absolutely return in the future to experience one of their other signature services - like a body treatment, or maybe something more permanent like injectables or microneedling. I would tell any traveler visiting Berlin to make Inanna a priority on your to-do list. Your face will tank you for it.