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Nothing says "style" in Paris more than Hotel Le Bristol, and it's whispered an air of luxury softly to all those "in the know", perched upon the stunning Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, since 1925. I was a recent guest at the hotel, having not stayed here since my first time to Paris at the age of 15. It made such an impact on me then, as a young, excited 15 year old traveling from the United States to France - and nothing was different about this time, over 20 years later. I walked into the hotel's lobby and was greeted by no less than four people who welcomed me into my "home away from home" for one evening. The lobby is marble-clad and studded with both ornate concierge and reception desks on either side and arrangements of flowers throughout. With a warm smile and the gathering of a few personal details, I was invited-in to a true sanctuary that is considered Paris' first and true premiere Palace hotel.

I spent most of the day in the hotel because, well, who would want to leave? As someone who has been to Paris many times and who has seen the city over and over again, I took the opportunity to savor this place for the one day and night I would have there.

I planned on spending the afternoon in the lobby to have a beautiful lunch at the famed Cafe Antonia with an all-day menu offered by Chef Eric Frechon. Here you can partake in a luxurious classic tea experience, or order a glass of champagne with oysters. It's also where guests can have their morning breakfast.

Le Bristol offers several dining and drinking venues including: Le Bar du Bristol, Jardin Français, 114 Faubourg, Epicure and the adorable Le Bristol Epicerie. The Epicerie is the best place to order the perfect eclair, cake or other pastry of the day. Not only are they beautiful, but the taste is truly the best in the city in terms of sweet treats. The courtyard garden in the Summer is perfect for a simple coffee or an entire meal - lounging the day away in your own private oasis.

Certain nights of the week, Le Bristol invites guests into Bar du Bristol for "Bristol After Dark", which turns the famed watering hole into a cocktail and futuristic music heaven.

After a light bite and a glass of bubbles, I was escorted to my room. Mine was located on the sixth floor. My bags were taken from me outside the lobby door and were already inside my quarters before I even stepped foot inside. The door flung open and I was welcomed into a one bedroom, Deluxe Junior Suite. Le Bristol offers visitors 190 renovated rooms and suites - all of which are outfitted in the highest style and degree, through the lens of old-world elegance. Furniture is in the style of the Louis XV and Louis XVI periods.

My suite was no exception and my jaw simply dropped when I began to really take-in my surroundings. It was pretty much exactly as I had remembered it from 20 years ago, but updated of course.

The rooms featured a separate entryway, living area with desk and sofas, bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. The dressing room featured fabrics by Manuel Canovas and rosewood chests. Bedding is by Quagliotti and is some of the most luxurious and comfortable in the city.

In the living area I found a terrace behind two french doors with unobstructed views of Rue Faubourg. I couldn't believe it. The details in my suite are what I noticed most: thick, sumptuous fabric wallpaper, incredibly-well branded stationary at the desk, heated marble bathroom floors, large and heavy bath linens, and even full-sized branded bathroom products. Heaven!

Le Bristol offers guests unique amenities that you may not find at other Parisian hotels, even those of 5-star caliber. There is Le Spa by La Prairie as well as a fitness center and the iconic indoor pool on the sixth floor with ship mural and views over the city. I spent the afternoon and early evening at the pool to simply just float around and think back over memories I have of swimming there as a kid. I remembered when I was at Le Bristol in March of 2001, Elizabeth Taylor and the Prime Minister of Israel were both staying at the hotel. There were security guards on every floor to ensure the safety of the high-profile guests. I spotted the actress in the lobby as a child and it is a memory I will never forget. Not much has changed as the same level of guests tend to choose Le Bristol as their home while in the City of Lights. I exited the pool around closing time to head back to my room and prepare for dinner.

My time at Le Bristol was short, too short in fact. But, it was as sweet as it could possibly be and brought back so many warm feelings. It was my first stay here that sparked me to want to pursue a career in luxury travel because the experience was so impactful. It also initiated my deep love of the city of Paris. So, in actuality, the hotel changed the course of my life in some ways and being back here made me begin to think of what might be new or possible for my future again. It is, after all, a place of comfort, luxury and inspiration. That inspiration does come with a price tag to match but my suggestion is, even if the room rates may be more than what you were planning on spending, is to stay for at least one night. Because that night will be the best night you spend in Paris and because you will never forget it. Le Bristol will inevitably become a milepost in your Paris story that you look back on fondly.