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Level Airlines, based in Barcelona, Spain, is expanding and is offering stellar and affordable options to travelers looking to get to Europe without blowing their budget on the flight. Resting the total cost of a flight in passengers' hands, the airline flies by the philosophy that people should be at the helm of the decision-making when it comes to paying for things that are important to them up in the air. I flew them recently from New York's JFK airport to Barcelona and was thoroughly impressed with their new aircrafts, on-board service, overall flying experience, and even their branding.

Flying can be enjoyable or rough, depending on your airline of choice, destination of choice, time of year you're traveling, as well as the simple luck you have on any particular travel day. But, some experiences stand out as good - because they check all the boxes. Level is one of these experiences. I flew with the airline on a late-night flight, long-haul route, one of many they offer from the United States. Level flies from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Boston to Barcelona - where you can enjoy one of Europe's most popular cities, or connect through their partner, Vueling, to a connecting flight in Europe.

I checked-in at JFK airport's Terminal 8 seamlessly, collecting my boarding pass at the counter and moving straight to the gate. Level offers two cabins - Premium and Economy. I flew Premium, their answer to Premium Economy or Business Class, and absolutely found this cabin to be perfect for the 7-hour and 30-minute flight. Premium fliers are able to board first and can have a meal in-flight. In the seat, their was a plastic reusable water bottle waiting for me that was stuffed with an in-flight amenity kit of socks, ear plugs, a sleep mask, and other items to make my flight more comfortable. Water and juice were offered after boarding to Premium fliers, and the cabin was separated by a curtain and galley from the rest of the plane. This offered a very private and less noisy environment to fly in.

What I like about Level's Premium seating is that it is tucked away, easy, and the seats recline quite a bit - making it actually very comfortable for sleeping. The entertainment screens are large and perfect for watching your shows or a movie before drifting off to sleep.

Level's Economy cabin is actually very lovely. The seats are all comfortable and offer everything one may need for a well-connected flight. There's ample entertainment options, chargers, and a menu where passengers can order a-la-carte for food or drink items that may be of interest. This is phenomenal because it allows you to really decide if you want to eat or not. And, on such a late flight, some might choose not to eat - opting to simply focus on rest. There's WiFi on-board and the staff on this airline are impeccably trained. They are all kind, helpful, and interested in making your flight enjoyable.

Boarding at JFK was easy and the flight was on-time. The airline operates Airbus A320, A321, and A330's - which are all large, new, and well-equipped. We took off and the flight went by very quickly. Most of the time, the lights were dimmed to allow passengers to rest. Those who ordered meals had them delivered and other passengers, with a-la-carte selections, had items delivered as well. This made everything very streamlined.

At around 12:00 pm, we descended over sunny Barcelona. De-planing was quick and many passengers made their way through customs and on to connections from there. I left the airport and took a taxi into the center of the city, to my favorite property - Mandarin Oriental Barcelona. When you save on the flight, you can splurge on the hotel - and that's the point. For anyone looking for a really solid and thoroughly enjoyable way to Europe this year without spending a fortune - Level is it!