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Hallak Cleaners, the couture cleaners, is a family-owned dry-cleaning operation with two locations in New York City and Hackensack, New Jersey. True experts in the world of fabric care, Hallak is a trusted name where some of the most discerning clientele and fashion houses bring their garments for the toughest of stains. Hallak was founded over 50 years ago by Joseph Hallak and the ethos of the company has remained true to this day – work until the job is done, clean the item like it were your own and focus on customer satisfaction. All of these principals are evident when working with the operation. Whether you have a cashmere sweater with a coffee stain, or Italian linen slipcovers from furniture that need a complete overhaul – there’s no place better.

We worked with Hallak Cleaners on a large project. Linen fabric slipcovers from a cream-colored sofa and white wing chairs were in dire need of help. Over time, these beautiful fabrics had yellowed, and presented several stains that were deeply embedded into the fibers. Hallak took on the job with no hesitation, sending their lovely representative to collect the items at the space and take them for cleaning. Shortly after receiving the items we were contacted by the Hallak team to inform us that some items were suited for dry cleaning and some were in need of hand washing to prevent the fabrics from shrinking – this didn’t seem to be a problem for the Hallak team, and their work began immediately.

Hallak handles projects that can be done as quickly as overnight, but this project required about three days for special love and care. We received several calls throughout the process informing us of the status of the garments and it was obvious that they would not release them until the slipcovers and pillowcases were in perfect condition. It’s no wonder the company has been the “go-to” place for stores like Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman and fashion houses like Gucci. The family has created a true dynasty that is so much bigger than dry cleaning. The operation is more about building long-term relationships with their clients and their garments to keep them totally preserved over an extended period of time. This is a true rarity in the New York City cleaning space.

Hallak Cleaners was New York City’s first dubbed “GreenEarth” cleaner for the sustainability and care for the environment in their operations. Aside from cleaning, they offer clothing storage to maintain temperatures and preserved conditions for valuable clothing a fabrics. They also offer tailoring and alterations, that truly are a cut above the rest.

After three days of working on our fabrics, we received a call that the items were ready for delivery. Within a few hours, the slipcovers and small pillowcases were back at our doorstep and looked, honestly, like new. This was an impressive sight considering the stains that each piece held.

What is obvious in working with Hallak Cleaners is that they care deeply and are passionate about what they do. They do not take their job lightly and customer happiness is paramount. We’ve spoken to the team many times, including the owner, and the same ethos is present in everyone on the Hallak team. In the years we have operated in New York City, we have not seen better and, at every customer touchpoint, Hallak is there with gratitude and service.

All photos taken after cleaning and have not been altered.