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Victoria Hunter is New York’s top colorist, but she’s never in one place for very long. As one of the most in-demand hair artists in the United States, Victoria often hops between New York, Los Angeles, and Europe – tending to clients and working diligently on her revolutionary new hair color product. Her clients are loyal and include everyone from famous faces to some of fashion’s most iconic designers. Victoria is oftentimes commissioned to transform models walking the season’s runways into someone completely different than themselves. The biggest and most complex hair color requests somehow often find their way to her inbox and then her hands. She’s been charged with tasks like bleaching dozens of models over two days for Alexander Wang and dying countless wigs varying pastel shades for Louis Vuitton in Paris.

I met Victoria recently for the first time and was instantly smitten with her warm and approachable demeanor. She is casual and cool – hailing from Australia originally. Her easy-breezy vibe quickly finds its way into you, allowing you to breathe, relax and allow Victoria to take over and bring your hair’s fullest potential to light. My hair was a particularly difficult case as it had been self-dyed black for nearly two years during the COVID-19 pandemic to eliminate the need to frequently expose myself to people in a hair salon. But, alas, the time had come to bring a little life to my locks and go blonde.

Blonde is not an easy color to achieve, especially when trying one’s best to keep it as natural as possible and especially when you are transitioning from black. Victoria never flinched at the challenge once, and quickly went to work. She began to tell me the story of the product she was applying to my head, her proprietary bleach which was developed over many years with her business partner, Larry Raspanti, and colleagues in Italy. The product, a bleaching powder called Hair Paint and the accompanying developer called Liquid Cashmere, is truly revolutionary. It contains 70% clay and protective molecules found in advanced anti-aging skincare to envelop each strand of hair and protect it during the bleaching process. As the product sat on my head, four separate times to completely bleach my hair, there wasn’t any sign of breakage, tingling, itching, or irritation. Nothing.

I was in Victoria’s chair for over four hours for my transformation in order to achieve the correct color and tonality – as she is a perfectionist. With every roadblock that came up – whether it was my stubborn roots or tips that seemed to pull red, Victoria had a solution.

The end result was truly amazing and brought a little edge and fun to my look for 2022. My hair didn’t feel like straw at the end of the process thanks to Victoria’s Hair Paint. Instead, it felt silky and smooth as if it hadn’t been processed at all. I left feeling and looking great. Victoria is as talented as she is kind and despite her numerous accomplishments and impressive client list, she holds tight to her artistry and technique. She’s truly the best.