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Living in New York City, it takes just one unwelcome incident on the street or inside your building to beg the question of just how secure one’s dwelling really is; and there’s just one company to put your mind at ease – Target Security Systems.

With a storefront located on West 27th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, Target Security Systems are true experts at helping residents, both renters and owners, find a solution that will help them be sure their apartment is secure throughout the day and night. Though violent crime has fallen in New York City over decades, burglaries and theft have risen after the pandemic – criminals taking advantage of citywide chaos to break-in to unwatched spaces.

Target Security Systems works often with Honeywell, the leading brand in security and is capable of installing their products to stand guard over your home. Honeywell has a long history of innovation and development, offering devices that are beautiful, non-obtrusive and easy-to-use – with modern capabilities that allow for real ease of use. Target Security Systems can install a simple alarm system, or something more advanced with CCTV, camera set-up, access control systems, virtual doormen and more. We worked with Target Security Systems on a project for The Ultimate New York Apartment to secure a luxury 1,600 square-foot loft in Chelsea – and their team couldn’t have been more professional.

Working with Target Security Systems was a breeze. They sent their experts to the space to survey the property and make recommendations based on the layout and entry points. The loft offers three traditional entries, two elevators that open directly into the apartment and a back door. But, it’s not often that criminals enter through traditional means. Target Security Systems identified a fire escape door, four bedroom windows, two bathroom windows and six living room windows, all places where unwanted guests could enter.

Target Security Systems identified the perfect products from Honeywell, which included a system that offers a main control panel that is WiFi enabled and can be set remotely. The panel is easy to use and very simple and clean in design and function. Accessories offered and installed were white sensors on windows that detect if the window is opened and sets off the alarm if opened while the alarm is active.

More Honeywell components installed included motion detectors and glass break detectors in case someone were to break a window and infiltrate the space. If any of these devices are set-off when the alarm is active, communication is sent immediately to a control center and the client is notified. If the client does not provide the pre-set password correctly, the New York City Police Department is notified and dispatched to the residence.

Target Security System’s team was incredibly discreet and professional. On installation day, they set all the equipment up in a matter of an hour and showed us how to use it effectively. They walked us through the control panel and showed us that the alarm could be set for “home” while someone was in the space. Or, it could be set for “away”, which activates the motion detector when no one is actively in the space.

To all New York City residents, Target Security Systems is the only company to go with to secure your home. They have price points to satisfy all income levels, and, despite New York City being a relatively safe city, it just takes one time to make you regret not considering your own security. Working with them, you’ll never feel more safe.