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Satori Laser, a chain of 12 laser hair removal spas located in New York City, Long Island and Pennsylvania, is the Northeast’s top laser hair removal operation of 2021. In recent years, laser hair removal has grown more and more popular with customers seeking to permanently remove unwanted hair without the pain or irritation associated with waxing, sugaring and shaving. Through incredible technological advancements over the years, and with the development of proper equipment, laser hair removal has become less and less painful, causing only mild discomfort when administered by the right professional.

I have gone to Satori Laser for over a year and, I have to say, I am obsessed. Why? Because Satori Laser offers their customers licensed professionals who are using state of the art equipment that deeply penetrate and destroy hair follicles, with quick-cooling lasers that instantly blast the skin with cold after the laser strikes. My particular case is not unique in that I am a man who is very, naturally, hairy. Being that my heritage is Eastern European, my body produces hair in very unnecessary places – and I have always chased it around with a good old fashioned razor. But, with my skin type and hair growth, the hair began growing immediately after shaving, creating a stubble on most surfaces around my body by day two. And, to top it off, razor bumps and irritation caused unsightly areas on my chest and abdomen. What a pain!

I heard so many wonderful things about Satori Laser and they are partnered with some of the top leading modeling agencies in New York, and handle a very discreet clientele of actors and models. I began a journey of four sessions to get my feet wet, and see how my body responded to the laser. Now, I’m not going to lie. I was scared at the start of my first session. I was scared of the potential pain, the length of my procedure as I was lasering every part of my body but my legs, and scared that the results wouldn’t be worth it.

At the start of my procedure, my technician introduced herself. She was very kind, professional and answered all of my questions up front. She sanitized the entire space in front of me, told me about the process, what to expect and ensured me she would take care as to cause me as little discomfort as possible. So, we began. The machines at Satori are impressive. They are called the Candela Pro Max, and are the latest and greatest in the laser hair removal market. The cooling effect with each blast of laser truly works. We began on my freshly shaved skin and, quite honestly, it was fast and felt more like a blast of cold than a blast of heat. It was so much easier than I could have imagined, and the pain was, in my experience, a 1 out of 10.

Each session should be done 4 to 6 weeks apart and you cannot have sun exposure for three weeks prior to your session – as the laser will target the melanin in your skin. However, Satori Laser does offer special lasers to help with laser hair removal for people of color. After my first appointment, I noticed a difference immediately. The hair came back slower, finer and more sporadically. After four back-to-back sessions, my hair truly thinned out and is well on its way to being gone forever.

Each case is different and each person may react differently to the treatments, but my technician told me that four more sessions should do the trick in getting rid of my unwanted hair – for good. What I love about Satori Laser is that they are professional, kind, up-to-date on the latest technology and, above all else, clean. This is very important and it’s essential to invest in this process with a facility that offers all of these things. Satori Laser’s prices are fair and they are often offering discounts and deals – which are good for frequent laser-goers. I would highly recommend them as the top laser hair removal operation in the New York area for 2021. In fact, Satori Laser is opening three more locations this year in White Plains, Wayne, Pennsylvania and Great Neck, New York.