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There are many choices when moving in and out of New York City, and Roadway Moving is the absolute best way. Although this well-known company handles white-glove moves, known as Roadway Black, to far flung locales, Roadway Moving can handle anything from the smallest studio apartment up to a mega-residence with countless rooms that need extra care. We worked with Roadway Moving on a recent move from a one-bedroom West Village apartment located on idyllic Jane Street, to a large two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft in vibrant Chelsea. Aside from their phenomenally organized process; the kindness, efficiency and care put into the move was truly remarkable.

Roadway Moving offers many options and it all starts with a simple phone call or online query. They can simply pick-up boxes and move them to the next location – providing trucks of varying sizes and appropriate staff. But, the real splurge comes with their packed and unpacked moves, which we opted for. Roadway Moving makes one of the world’s most annoying and overwhelming jobs, moving, a true pleasure by removing the grunt work, letting you focus on things that are more important. With their packed moves, Roadway will handle all the logistics of wrapping and boxing your valuables and getting them to their next destination safe and sound.

We booked with Roadway Moving and had no issues. It was as easy as calling their number and taking the time to describe the apartment in which we were moving from. The staff are very detailed and will ask you to describe everything in your space, from large items like toilets, down to small breakables that need extra attention. This description, an ensuing packing list, will help them send an organized crew to your residence or office, who will take charge of the process.

After selecting the date and time for the move, Roadway Moving liaised via email and phone, making us feel comfortable and confidant that we were getting all the care needed for this delicate process. The move required some heavy lifting – including valuable lighting, toilets and office furniture. The team arrived on time and began feverishly packing, in an effort to get the job done in one day. They arrived in full PPE and took every safety precaution needed in respect of CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was appreciated, respected and made us feel very safe.

As I sat in the space during the days leading up to the move, I couldn’t really comprehend that I was able to just relax and not think about packing. It almost felt wrong. But, Roadway Moving came in and made everything run like a well-oiled machine.

Roadway Moving not only offers their white glove, packing and unpacking services; but they offer storage as well. If there are particular items that you’d prefer not to take with you to you new space, but don’t want to purge – Roadway Moving will gladly coordinate storage for a reasonable price.

As the old space began to face away, becoming simply walls of what once was there, the crew at Roadway Moving were busy hauling-in boxes and furniture into the new, airy loft. They put down protective gear, blankets and wall coverings to be sure no damage was done in the process.

In a flash, it seemed like everything was done. The only thing left to do was to organize and sort. Honestly, it couldn’t have been easier. This job we were dreading actually became an enjoyable experience with the help of Roadway Moving. Shortly after the move, we spoke with Ross Sapir, President of Roadway Moving about the company’s mission, services and ethos.

IC: Why did you start Roadway Moving?

RS: Moving is one of the most stressful events in life, but it doesn’t have to be. When I worked for other moving companies all I saw was unhappiness. Every aspect of the move was miserable; the movers hated their jobs, the customers always complained, and the vendors couldn’t wait to escape. I knew there had to be a better way. A nicer way to move! Roadway Moving was established in 2008 with a different approach to the moving business: more heart, less brain. I put my customers and employees first.

IC: What makes Roadway Moving different from other moving companies?

RS: Two key pieces: People and Customer Service. 1. I put my employees first. Movers are often underpaid and undervalued. At Roadway, we are one of the highest paying moving companies in the industry. Our employees stay with us. Happy employees are a competitive edge for us. 2. We turned moving, something universally hated, into an experience people are actually excited about. Think hospitality industry in a moving truck.

IC: Roadway is known for its White Glove service, what can customers expect with this service?

RS: Roadway Black is our White Glove Service that offers you a luxury door-to-door VIP move without having to lift a finger. Our movers are specifically trained to handle your most delicate items and our climate-controlled trucks ensure that your most sensitive items arrive in perfect condition. Items can range from priceless art and china, electronics, musical instruments, and wine collections to name a few. Our clients can kick back and relax while we pack and unpack their items, takedown and setup TVs and tech items, and carefully crate their prized art collections.

IC: Roadway offers a myriad of services for its customers, including in-home packing and unpacking. What can customers expect with this service?

RS: At Roadway, we understand that people might not have the time to pack for their move. We want to take the hassle out of the packing/unpacking process. Our movers go through specific training techniques to learn to securely wrap, box, and/or crate your items to ensure nothing gets damaged during your move. We also offer high quality unpacking services to help customers transition into their new home. Depending on the service level you choose, we’ll empty all your items onto a flat surface in your home, or even unpack all boxes and place your items exactly where you want them.

IC: Roadway can handle short and long-distance moves. Which is at the core of your business?

RS: We understand the NYC market and our history of quality service has our customers consistently rate us as one of the top movers in NYC. While we are local movers with the local knowledge, we also have a highly qualified long-distance team that is constantly expanding its footprint across the country. Our Interstate routes continue to grow along with our regular weekly trips down South and out to the West Coast.

IC: The pandemic has turned New York and the world upside down, and people are moving in and out of the city. What guidelines have you put into place for the safety of your staff and customers?

RS: When NYS issued an executive order deeming moving an essential service, we quickly employed a COVID safety strategy aimed at protecting both our customers and our movers. We practice safe social distancing at all times and broke up our operations team into 3 locations. Non-essential employees are working remote. Employees temperatures are taken daily and anyone exhibiting fever or COVID symptoms are sent home and cannot return until cleared by a medical professional. Our moving teams are briefed every morning on COVID updates. Enhanced cleaning protocols have been implemented by disinfecting our trucks and offices twice a day. We also banned the use of reusable bins and used boxes during our moves. Our moving teams are equipped with hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, booties, disinfectant wipes and spray. We also provide our clients with masks during every move. We shifted our in-home estimates to virtual where our estimators ‘virtually’ walk-thru your home in order to provide you with a detailed, accurate estimate of all moving charges. Finally, we provide contactless moving – virtual home surveys, electronic booking, no cash payment policy, electronic contracts, virtual communications, and full packing and labeling services.

IC: Roadway offers storage services. What type of storage options does Roadway offer?

RS: Our 6 storage facilities offers both short and long-term storage options to accommodate all our clients’ needs. Whether they are expanding to a larger space, downsizing, or moving to a new location in another city, we can store all their furniture and possessions until they are ready to move it.

IC: What is the Roadway Moving brand ethos?

RS: We move with heart! We put our customers first and provide an exceptional, stress free moving experience.