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Known for their detail-oriented and holistic approach, MMPC is New York’s top exterminating service of 2022. MMPC has not only been around for years and utilized by big-named corporations and celebrities alike, they’ve earned a stellar reputation for keeping unwanted houseguests from repeat visits time and time again. We recently used them to service a large 1,800 square-foot loft space in Manhattan. The job wasn’t little and involved closing large radiator floor holes, wall gaps, holes around water pipes and more – to seal-away everything from small rodents to water bugs.

The MMPC team arrived fully-equipped with every possible tool one could imagine for the job. Their professional demeanor was evident from the first few minutes through communication, a detailed plan of attack and the use of masks in the space to protect those around them. MMPC used specialized foam, caulk, organic sprays and more to ward-off critters from the premises. The clear caulk was used around every floor board including inside closets and hidden places one would never even dream bugs may be hiding.

The MMPC team entered two bedrooms, two bathrooms, filled-in gaps under sinks and cabinets and didn’t miss one beat. They were in the space a total of 6 hours to be sure it had all been completely buttoned-up.

The before photo below illustrates just how large the holes were around radiators.

After being filled, the area was left seamlessly blocked and visually appealing – not messy or sloppy as it could have been at the whim of less skilled hands.

The photo below depicts just how wide gaps were between the floors and baseboards – and easy “in” for a variety of bugs throughout the year.

After the gaps were filled, there was no possible way the space could be infiltrated.

We loved MMPC’s knowledge and professionalism on this project. They are more than capable and willing to put in the work to do the job right. For anyone seeking a thorough investigation and completion of an extermination project, MMPC is the best in New York.