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Poland is loaded with culinary destinations worth visiting, but Northern Poland – namely cities like Gdansk, Sopot and Toruń feature a slew of restaurants that every traveler to the region must visit. If you like to travel, you most likely enjoy trying new foods and experimenting with regional favorites that make an impact on your tastebuds. I know I do. And, Northern Poland definitely offers dining establishments that will fill you with everything from fresh seafood to local, carbohydrate-loaded goodness you’ll remember forever.

My list of favorite restaurants in the region include the following: Chleb I Wino Restaurant, in Toruń. This fantastic local place serves international cuisine with an impressive wine list, focusing on homemade pizzas. Jan Olbracht Brewery, also in Toruń, serves regional specialties and fish – as well as an extensive list of locally made beers as there is a brewery on-site.

In Gdansk, you must dine at Gdański Bowke Restaurant, an atmospheric place with homemade breads baked on-site and famous Polish peirogi. For lunch, on the Hel Peninsula, with stunning Baltic Sea views, you must enter the Bryza Resort and Spa and dine at Biała Restaurant – which is outfitted in all white and delivers some of the most incredible fish in the region.

Also on the coast, in the resort town of Sopot, visitors should indulge in a true modern-Polish dinner at Polskie Smaki Restaurant, inside the beautiful Sheraton Hotel.

A day trip from Gdansk to Malbork Castle will allow for an incredibly unique lunch at Gothic Restaurant. Chef Bogdan Gałązk graduated from the Culinary Academy of New York and now lives inside the stunning castle, inviting visitors to experience his unique, one-of-a-kind dishes that are made with produce and herbs grown on-site.

Any of these food-related experiences you might have in Northern Poland will undoubtedly leave you satisfied. The food is diverse and delicious.