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Dr. Ellen Marmur is known to be the best in New York in terms of Dermatology. What makes her the best is complicated and rare, as most dermatologists, and doctors for that matter, do not have what she has. Dr. Marmur owns the perfect combination of medical expertise and artistic know-how to not only prevent, diagnose and treat serious skin conditions; but also use today's cutting-edge materials and devices to help her patients look their very best natural selves. Knowing her for over five years we have watched her turn back the clock on patients by utilizing her subtle yet effective treatments. And, one of those new treatments offered in the office is the much buzzed-about Daxxify.

We visited Dr. Marmur to try out Daxxify in an effort to smooth crows feet around the eyes, rid eleven lines from between the brows and smooth several forehead wrinkles as a result of having overly-emotive facial expressions. We had heard a lot of about Daxxify and knew Dr. Marmur was one of the very first doctors in the country to offer it in-office. Daxxify is similar to Botox, the famed neurotoxic protein that eases wrinkles and limits muscle movement to prevent future wrinkles from developing. But, Daxxify is different and it lasts longer - twice as long, in fact. Using Daxxify with its 6 to 9-month efficacy on smoothing wrinkles means that you can cut down on office visits and spend more time addressing other skin concerns. The process of receiving Daxxify in your face is nearly identical to receiving Botox, so there isn't anything new or unique to get used to.

In true Dr. Marmur fashion, on the day of treatment, she bounded into my room in one of her Upper East Side locations full of energy. Smiling from ear to ear and explaining what exactly Daxxify is and why it's so exciting in the world of dermatology, she pulled-out a syringe and began to analyze my face to determine exactly where to place it. Dr. Marmur spent 8 years as the Chief of Dermatologic Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center and her specialty is skin cancer diagnosis and Mohs surgery. So, she isn't just any old dermatologist with a love for the cosmetic part of the practice. Her incredible depth of medical knowledge and experience is exactly why you feel instantly comfortable knowing she's about to inject you with a liquid that will freeze certain facial muscles for up to 6 months. Within a few minutes, she was done, and I was on my way with a bag full of a few of my favorites products from her MMSkincare line. After every laser appointment or cosmetic procedure, I usually use her award-winning MMSphere LED device to help with collagen production, bacteria elimination and mood enhancement. While being injected, we spoke to Dr. Marmur about why she's so excited for the release of Daxxify.

IC: Why is Daxxify such an exciting new product on the market?

EM: Daxxify is so exciting because it is the first of a new field of longer lasting neuromodulators that improve the look of prominent frown lines on the face.

IC: How does Daxxify differ from Botox or other known neurotoxins?

EM: The key factor that differs Daxxify from Botox or other neurotoxins is its longevity. While botox and other neurotoxins last for around 3 months, Daxxify can last anywhere from 6 to 9 months.

IC: Why were you selected as one of the first doctors in the country to use the new product?

EM: The first phase of dermatologists selected to offer Daxxify were those of us who specialize in cosmetics, especially with neuromodulators and with new innovative products. I was part of the scientific advisory board for Revance before COVID where we evaluated the patient results from the Sakura trials and the molecule as the basic science of the PET complex was discussed in detail. Since that time I've met with the medical science team and discussed Daxxify with other dermatologists. Most recently, more information has been released which summarizes the key outcomes of the trials. I am excited to be one of the select doctors in the USA in the PreVu program who will have the earliest access to Daxxify for my patients in NYC.

IC: What other products are you most excited about, new or old, for 2023 in the field of dermatology?

EM: I’m most excited about regenerative medicine in dermatology using LED devices with specialized skin care products. Our patented system was honored as the Best Dermatologist Invented LED device with our MMSphere. MMSkincare is a transformative system of serums specifically activated by our proprietary MMSphere LED light therapy device that can be used in different settings to treat different skin concerns and has wellness benefits.