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In moments when you only have enough time between trips to unpack and repack your clothing, it’s not always possible to bring some of your favorite pieces on your next adventure without sending them off to the dry cleaner. But that predicament is now a thing of the past with Whirlpool’s new invention, SWASH. As a frequent traveler, bouncing between trips and events globally, it can sometimes get annoying and expensive to send my wardrobe out for cleaning through hotels and in foreign cities. And, you never know what might come back once your treasured item goes out for service.

SWASH offers users an at-home “refreshing” system that allows you to take worn items of clothing and bring them back to life in mere minutes. The device is essential if you make frequent trips, whether business or leisure, and need to use the same shirts, jackets or trousers for upcoming meetings or other important engagements.

SWASH’s system allows you to put one item of clothing into its interior sliding door compartment, along with a device-specific Tide pod. After sliding the door closed, you simply touch a button and the machine goes to work by deodorizing, de-wrinkling and crisping your previously worn garment. It’s literally a 10-minute miracle. Once the process is through, you have a nearly perfect item that can be re-worn, extending its life and function for round two of whatever it is you have planned.

SWASH will not clean your clothing – so look to your dry cleaner for heavy stains. But, if your item is stain free and needs a simple facelift, this machine can’t be beat. At $400 for the device, it’s an investment that will save you money in the long run and offer you the convenience of prolonging your wardrobe from the comfort of your own home.

Images courtesy of SWASH.