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Il Convivio Troiani , conceived by three brothers with a love of beautiful and delicious food, is a Michelin-starred dining experience where each dish is a work of art.

Located on a quiet stretch of Vicolo dei Soldati, you might miss this place if you never knew it was there. But, once you’ve entered, the space opens-up to a beautiful dining room with people experiencing modern, Italian cuisine expertly prepared by the award-winning chef.

The menu at this restaurant is inventive and utilizes ingredients from various parts of Italy.

You will find items on the menu like Amberjack fish, rabbit from Ischia and a wine list that will make any wine-lover jump for joy

The dining room is intimate and service is very attentive, but ever too much. Every dish that arrives from the kitchen is truly beautiful, so much so that you feel badly eating it.

Il Convivio Troiani is a special and unique experience in Rome that differs from traditional Italian fare you might find at other well-rated establishments in town.