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Hertz, located on the sunny French island of St. Barth, Hetz is the top car rental service on the island this year. Located in the airport in Gustavia, just after customs, Hertz offers the area’s top vehicles, in stick and automatic, for those looking for their own transportation around the island.


Anyone who has been to St. Barth knows that it’s small, but getting around without a vehicle can be difficult and costly. A simple taxi cab ride for ten minutes can run as much as 50 euros, and that’s just one way – if you have gone out and are looking for a late ride – expect to pay more. St. Barth is hilly and spread out, so walking isn’t ideal – you need a car to get yourself from Point A to Point B.

We booked a vehicle through Hertz and it was seamless. In a quick three-and-a-half hours you can fly from New York to St. Maarten, and connect via small plane for a seven-minute flight to St. Barth. The airport is tiny and there are many car rental companies to choose from, but Hertz makes it all so easy.

I arrived and was brought to the Hertz counter. They had my reservation ready, and all I had to do was show my drivers license and present a credit card for deposit. Within five minutes, I was taken to the back lot where my car was already running and cooled-down for myself and my guests. The entire process took me 15 minutes.

Hertz offers maps, roadside assistance and support to help you along your journey. I needed none of these while I was on the island, but the vehicle got me around in no time. Returning the car was easy, a simple drop-off and signature – nothing more to do. For anyone visiting the island, Hertz is the only choice.