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Air Italy A330_03

Air Italy is a game changer in the international aviation market, offering direct flights to Milan from the United States and a fantastic revamped business class. I flew with the airline recently between New York and Milan, and I have to say that the experience was truly flawless.

In a market dominated by American carriers and one more Italy-based carrier, Alitalia, Air Italy offers a new feel, new service and new branding for travelers looking for an elevated yet approachable experience. I arrived to JFK International Airport 90-minutes before my flight and was greeted warmly by the desk agents at the Air Italy counter. I was checked-in swiftly and led personally to the security check point by one of the agents – something not typical with other carriers.

Air Italy Crew_02

It was soon time to board the flight and I was invited to board first as I was seated in business class. I was pleasantly surprised and truly amazed once I entered the cabin. It was beautiful and the new branding for Air Italy felt modern, chic and very Italian. I found my seat with a warm, “Buona Sera” from a sharply dressed flight attendant and was immediately offered a cocktail. I chose an Aperol spritz, stowed my luggage and settled-in for my overnight flight to Milan.

Air Italy operates new Airbus A330 aircrafts on its international routes. The business class seat reclines into a completely flat 180 degree bed. Once in the air, the meal service started promptly and offered an array of delicious options. I chose a salad of buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil to start. I followed that with homemade ravioli, roasted chicken and, for dessert, a cannolo. I was offered a cheese plate filled with Italian cheese options, but I was too full to indulge.

Air Italy A330 Interior

Cocktails and Italian wine flowed freely as I turned-on my in-flight entertainment. I was delighted by the film and television options, so I chose a new release and watched it through each course of my dinner. What I loved about dinner service was the fact that it was prompt and efficient. The flight attendants were warm and made sure to serve the meal promptly, allowing time to turn the lights off and allow passengers time to sleep before landing.

Air Italy Interiors_IFE

After my film ended, I washed my face in the bathroom using the ever-so-chic amenity kit and reclined my seat into a flat bed. The flight attendants came around and offered to make my bed, outfitting it so it was as soft and comfortable as can be. I covered myself with a plush blanket and drifted-off with dreams of landing in one of my favorite countries on Earth.


The cabin was silent and I told the flight attendant to wake me an hour before landing for breakfast.


I slept very comfortably throughout the flight and didn’t move once. Soon, a ray of light made it through one of the open windows and onto my face, waking me slowly before breakfast.


As I awoke, I was greeted with a smile and cappuccino. This is, of course, the best way to wake up after a five-hour snooze. I sat up and was offered fruit, Italian pastries and pancakes for breakfast. I could have chosen an egg option, but opted for the sweeter option naturally. Two cappuccinos later, we were 20-minutes from landing.


We landed smoothly at Milan’s Malpensa Airport and I was off the plane in 10 minutes. I breezed through immigration and was soon off for a weekend in Lake Como. What an enjoyable flight I had with Air Italy. I have flown to Italy countless times but there is something to be said about feeling like you’re already there before you’ve even left the ground in your originating city.

I was thoroughly impressed withe the look, feel, service and comfortability on board Air Italy and can’t wait to fly with them again. The airline offers direct flights to Milan from cities like: New York, Miami, Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco. As a traveler flying to Italy, you won’t want to miss Air Italy’s in-flight experience, especially in business class. Trust me when I say, you won’t regret it.