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Bulletproof is not just a coffee, it’s a lifestyle. These coffees, foods, proteins and drinks that you’ve undoubtedly heard of, are all part of a movement really. This movement is aimed at helping you operate at your peak performance level physically and mentally. Aside from being innovative in their approach and in their ingredient selection, Bulletproof ensures that flavor is of utmost importance as well.

Founded through a vision of cognitive performance by Dave Asprey, the idea of being “Bulletproof” means high resiliency, high energy and being made of steel. It was Dave’s vision that every person is made to be kind and fight to be limitless in their own life, that led Bulletproof to where it is today – a movement, mindset and product line that is loved by celebrities and business leaders around the world.

Bulletproof began with Bulletproof Coffee – the mixture of pure, chemical and pollutant-free coffee with grass-fed, organic butter or ghee and Brain Octane Oil. This combination, when combined, helps you build sustained energy throughout the day, feel less hungry, absorb healthy fats and stay away from toxins that are typically found in many other whole-bean and ground coffees throughout the world. In fact, Bulletproof Coffee’s whole-bean and ground coffees are independently lab tested for over 27 toxins that have the ability to rob your performance. I tried the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee, along with their ready made coffees and cold brew varieties, and the result was the same. I felt energized longer and wasn’t nearly as hungry as I normally am throughout the day, keeping cravings for those midday unhealthy snacks to a minimum. The Brain Octane Oil, which is derived from Coconut oil and sourced for it being that most readily available MCT that is converted into ketone energy to be used by your brain, is key in helping you perform throughout the day.

Aside from the famed coffee and coffee recipe, Bulletproof has unleashed a slew of other products that address energy and your overall wellness. One of my favorite products is the protein with collagen, perfect for those who work out and want to increase their overall protein intake – as well as support your skin. I love the cold brew ready-to-drink beverages, which also feature the Brain Octane Oil and grass-fed ghee. Bulletproof protein collagen bars are stellar, with favors like apple pie and pumpkin spice. They’re really a great on-the-go snack with well-curated ingredients that make for the ultimate protein and skin boost.

Bulletproof’s vitamin complexes are all great as well, but I personally love the Fat Water – which combines spring water with micro-droplets of Brain Octane Oil with B Vitamins – a true high-performance water.

Integrating Bulletproof into your life will welcome a host of health and performance benefits. But, start with the coffee. You will notice the difference, you will notice a change in your focus and energy – but naturally, not with pharmaceuticals. Aren’t we all looking to change for the better when possible? I am, and this movement has helped me.