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Turkish Airlines - 1

Turkish Airlines is a major player in the world of aviation, and they have stepped-up their business class in a massive way. Flying to more than 120 countries worldwide, this carrier connects you to remote and exciting destinations like really no other carrier can. I flew Turkish Airlines to the Democratic Republic of Congo recently, with one stop in Istanbul – and was thoroughly impressed with the business class product, in a way that made me truly up the bar on my expectations for international business class travel. As an aviation geek, I was excited to fly their newly redone Airbus A330s from New York to Istanbul, as well as experience their iconic lounge in the new Istanbul Airport. My time both in-flight and on the ground in Istanbul was luxurious, easy and memorable - making Turkish Airlines my airline of choice when flying from the United States to Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and The Middle East.

Turkish Airlines - 4

Boarding the plane for an almost 11-hour journey from New York to Istanbul, was something I looked forward to. I was collected at my apartment by Turkish Airlines’ branded, “Exclusive Drive”, which is included for any passenger traveling in business class. The branded SUV rolled-up on time and helped me into the back, storing my bags neatly for the ride to JFK Airport from Manhattan. When you book in any class on Turkish Airlines, you'll be comfortable, but Business Class takes you to another level. The airlines offers business class, premium economy, and economy classes.

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I was promptly checked-in upon arrival at JFK's Terminal 1, and made my way to the gate for boarding. Priority is given to business class passengers and boarding is easy breezy. There is a separate lane and jet bridge for Business Class passengers on many of the airline's long-haul flights. I settled into my seat and was welcomed with a warm, “Hello”, and a glass of champagne. Shortly before takeoff, I was handed a dinner and cocktail menu by the "flying chef", and soon we were ascending over New York headed east. I was on my way to Istanbul and couldn't be more comfortable.

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Business class seats aboard Turkish Airlines are comfortable and feature a massage function to help relax you on the long journey. The entertainment systems feature large screens and countless movie and television show options in a variety of languages. I didn’t want to engage, as my mission was to eat and sleep – so I would arrive in Turkey feeling great.

Turkish Airlines - 8

About 45 minutes into the flight a lovely flight attendant came to my side and took my order. I started with soup and moved on to a Turkish-inspired chicken. The “flying chef”, came over to welcome me aboard and helped finish-off my chicken with a little sauce, which is a lovely touch that feels very personalized. I enjoyed my meal with faux flickering candlelight placed on my meal tray. The candle, in actuality, is a flickering electric flight placed inside a tiny holder, but gives the illusion of dining by candlelight. I think this addition really makes the experience special.

Turkish Airlines - 5

I finished dessert quickly and sipped a cup of mint tea before reclining into a fully flat bed and dozing-off. Before I knew it, I was awoken gently, 45 minutes before landing. I enjoyed Turkish coffee and pastries, and was soon on the ground. The flight went by quickly and was an absolute dream. I didn’t want to deplane in Istanbul – but I knew I was going to experience the incredible lounge at the new Istanbul Airport, featuring level after level of food, bars, coffee stations, cocktails, and staff whipping-up homemade Turkish breads and dishes in front of passengers. I could spend a day in the lounge without getting board. After a few hours on the ground, I was boarding for my connecting flight to Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And, lucky me, I was able to experience all of it, again. I can’t wait to fly with Turkish Airlines soon and recommend it fully for anyone seeking a truly comfortable and luxurious business class cabin.

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Images provided by Turkish Airlines