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Iberia Airlines, the Oneworld partner, is Spain’s flag carrier and has recently revamped their look and offerings to make them one of the best options when flying to Europe and beyond. Offering an extensive network between the United States, The Caribbean, Mexico, and Latin America through their hub in Madrid, the possibilities are endless on where you can fly with this multi-awarded carrier.

I was a recent guest on a flight between New York and Madrid, connecting to Rome, Italy. I was flying their newly introduced Premium Economy cabin and was excited to try this new product. Iberia invested a great deal of time and money redesigning and renovating their fleet to offer more choices to passengers looking to fly in style.

I was flying during a very busy time and knew my flight would likely be full, and it was. But, much to my surprise, Iberia made up for this with individualized service and a stellar product in-flight that left me impressed and ready to fly them again.

My flight was around 9:00 pm and I was flying out of the British Airways terminal at JFK Airport. I was checked-in quickly and welcomed warmly by the airport staff. At the gate, I was welcomed again and met the lead gate agent before boarding. Iberia did a wonderful job of keeping things organized during the boarding process and everyone got on the plane easily for an on-time departure. I found my seat quickly in the bulkhead section of the Premium Economy cabin and was able to store my bags and settle-in for the flight.

The Premium Economy cabin is separated from both the Economy and Business Class cabins. What’s lovely about this cabin is the separation, so you feel like you’re in your own little world – which is nice on an aircraft that transports several hundred people from point A to point B. I found the cabin to be elegantly designed with ergonomic seats that have the capability to recline to an impressive level. The new television and media screens are large and inviting with a wide range of entertainment offerings during your flight. As we took off I was offered a beverage and kicked back for the roughly seven hour flight.

My cabin was serviced very well and efficiently on the flight. Iberia does a great job of projecting a friendly atmosphere and making customers feel at home. I ordered my meal which was served promptly and tried my best to eat it as quickly as possible so I could sleep as much as possible. The food was very good and Iberia offered a wide selection of Spanish wines to go with the meal. In no time, I was drifting away to sleep.

As I awoke we were about 35 minutes from landing in Madrid. The flight attendant offered me an expedited breakfast and coffee, which I appreciated. Although the new Premium Economy is not a 180-degree lie-flat seat, Iberia does offer this in their beautiful business class cabin. The Premium Economy seat reclines enough with the footrest to provide a very comfortable position for rest and sleep. Landing in Madrid was a breeze and we were early, which was nice, so I could clear EU customs and connect to my flight to Rome. I loved my Iberia experience in Premium Economy and know that they make an excellent choice in carrier between North America and Europe.