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Level Airlines, the Spanish-based low-cost carrier with a hub in Barcelona, is the top low-cost option between the United States and Europe. Utilizing a basic, straight-forward ethos when transporting passengers Level offers flyers a safe, convenient and easy way to travel between key cities throughout North America to Spain and beyond. Serving New York JKF, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles – Level is poised to carry passengers, from all backgrounds, to Barcelona and beyond.

I was a recent passenger aboard Level between New York’s JFK Airport and Barcelona. I knew of the airline as they once offered flights, pre-pandemic, between the U.S. and Paris’ Orly Airport, as well as Barcelona. Post-pandemic, Level committed again to re-launching service but with a more tailored approach. I was greatly looking forward to the experience and to witness, firsthand, their economy and premium cabins.

Level puts control of the flight experience in the passenger’s hands. Their ethos is to offer friendly and professional service, which they did, and allow the passenger to decide how many “extras” are crucial to their flight experience including food, baggage and more. As a passenger on the airline you can choose to fly with no meal and no baggage if desired, or, for a small cost, add packages that include bags and in-flight snacks. I do love this model because the flight experience becomes a situation that the passenger has complete control over, which is nice when purchasing such a low fare.

Flights between New York and Europe are quick. At roughly seven hours, give or take, the flying time isn’t enough for you to eat, watch a movie and arrive fully rested. For me personally, I always opt for sleep over entertainment and food and this was no different on my Level flight to Barcelona. My evening flight was scheduled for 11:00 pm and I arrived on time to JFK. The check-in is located in the same terminal as British Airways, terminal 7 – changing to terminal 8 December 2022. It is handled by an outsourced company working for Level to handle the check-in process. Check-in was easy breezy as I had no baggage and was able to move through security quickly.

The flight to Barcelona boarded on time and I was flying their Premium class of service. I was invited to board early and find my seat. The seats were shockingly large, comfortable and, although not fully reclinable to a 180 degree position, were able to recline enough that, with the added foot rest, I knew I would have no problem sleeping. I had added my flight preferences online before the flight and was able to pre-order snacks and make a selection for my meal. Premium customers get dinner with the flight and I added a small bottle of wine.

The flight attendants on Level were absolutely fantastic. I wasn’t expecting much in terms of service, but the service rivaled some major carriers’ business class service and that was an absolute pleasant surprise. I was greeted, shown my seat, checked-on several times in-flight and made to feel that if I needed anything, all I had to do was ask.

After about 90 minutes in-flight I drifted off and was able to bet about 5 and a half hours of solid sleep before landing. The flight was easy, comfortable and, with the prices Level consistently offers passengers, makes absolute sense to continue flying. Even if Barcelona is not your final destination, you can simply purchase an additional inexpensive ticket to other parts of Europe as a connection.

I was thrilled with my experience on Level and would fully recommend their flights for anyone looking for ease and simplicity in flying, at a very affordable cost.