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Jura, the premium Swiss coffee brand known for its award-winning machines, now offers the stunning ENA 8 – a revolution in beautiful, compact machinery that makes countless delicious freshly-ground coffees at the touch of a button. Jura is no stranger to coffee innovation, the company has been in the business since 1931 and has been a well-known and valuable player in the Swiss and European markets. As they’ve expanded, they’ve begun to carefully distribute their range of professional and personal devices across the globe.

The truth is, there is no coffee like a European coffee – especially those that are freshly ground. Yes, there are several one-touch devices that offer capsulated coffee – but the taste and freshness just isn’t the same. Jura believes in freshly ground, and there’s no straying away from that key brand philosophy in the ENA 8.

After hearing several accounts internationally and experiencing one of the machines firsthand in South Africa, we knew Jura would be the top choice when naming the best luxury-minded coffee machine for 2021. The ENA 8 was the obvious choice. Why? As city dwellers, residents know that items brought into the home need to have more than one function, and take up as little amount of space as possible. The Jura ENA 8 embodies that mindset. This compact machine measures just 10.7″ wide, 12.7″ high and 17.5″ deep. It’s a true powerhouse available in several finishes that delivers a real gourmet coffee experience with minimal effort. In fact, its so minimal that one can’t believe how easy it is to have a coffee of this quality without sourcing it from your nearby neighborhood cafe, which average about $7 in New York City.

Aside from its compactness and design, the Jura ENA 8 is special for many other reasons. The round water tank is designed to reflect a premium crystal carafe, and can hold quite a bit of water – eliminating the need to refill too often. The machine features a nicely sized air-tight tank for coffee beans of your choice, which are ground fresh for each brew. The VC compact brewing unit ensures that the coffee flows into your cup under ideal conditions. There is a pulse extraction process integrated that optimizes the aroma of each coffee – from a short ristretto to a flat white. Even the foam technology creates airy, lightly whipped milk foam for your specialty brews.

The Jura ENA 8 offers you 10 specialty coffees to choose from which are selected for each cup with a push of a button on the color display. You can even customize your coffee strength on the screen, or using the bluetooth enabled Jura app. There are several accessories available with the machine, including a milk chiller, but the standard model comes with all the bells and whistles. The machine is smart so it will tell you when it needs a little extra love and care – using the color display to indicate the need for a filter change, to clean the milk system or empty the coffee grounds container.

The Jura ENA 8 is really, in all honesty, perfect. It’s not perfect for one occasion, but every occasion. It’s powerful enough to handle incessant use and feels very well-made. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just a coffee lover, it will delight you each and every day. Wafts of the freshly ground beans will fill your kitchen and the 10 specialty coffees will delight those with the most specific of tastes – or even those who just want a typical American black cup of coffee. You just can’t do better than Jura and the machine, priced around $1,800, is worth every penny.