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Clase Azul, the storied luxury-minded tequila from the heart of Mexico, takes the cake for the top tequila for 2022. An original in a very crowded category, Clase Azul sets itself apart with its premium products as well as iconic decanter. Often seen stocked behind some of the world’s top high-profile bars, Clase Azul is requested by those “in-the-know” who understand the story and legacy behind each bottle.

Clase Azul doesn’t happen overnight and there are many steps involved in its making to ensure a premium product. The organic blue agave from the mountainous fields of central Mexico is baked for nearly 72 hours in old masonry ovens and is not harvested until its grown for at least 6 years. The agave core is then ground into juices that are distilled two times and fermented to reach that delicate sweetness connoisseurs love.

Each Clase Azul tequila decanter is handmade in the town of Santa Maria Canchesda and hand-painted by artisans using the Mazahua people’s traditions. Not only are they visually stunning, but the decanters keep the product perfectly – preserving the flavors without compromise. We were lucky to sample the reposado and plata products, each with unique characteristics and balance that pair perfectly in both cocktails or alone with food.

Clase Azul offers other products as well, including an award-winning añejo. If you happen to be a tequila connoisseur you can travel to the Clase Azul boutique inside the luxury Shoppes at Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico for the “Taste of Culture” experience. This experience allows you to sample, in an intimate environment of only 8 people, the Clase Azul products paired with appropriate cuisine from Mexico. You will also learn about the product making, tequila heritage and more.

For fans of special tequila that cannot be found on every shelf, look no further than Clase Azul.