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Dr. Ellen Marmur, the celebrated and talented New York City-based dermatologist, is not just brains but a beauty innovator that has released an amazing, travel-friendly LED device called the MMSphere 2GO. The device, which is a spinoff of her larger MMSphere 2.0, offers customers a smaller travel-sized LED option that packs a similar punch when it comes to keeping your skin in top shape while bouncing around on those post-COVID trips you have planned. There are 9 light settings on the halo device such as red for collagen boosting, blue for bacteria-killing, and amber for mood enhancement. This little miracle is scientifically proven and FDA-cleared to improve skin and address everything from hyperpigmentation to wrinkles.

I traveled with the new device in its durable and handy travel case all the way from New York to humid Trancoso, Brazil. As someone who is obsessed with skincare and a witness to Dr. Marmur’s talents with filler, botox, and incredible medical knowledge base firsthand, I was thrilled to try it out. I traveled with the device as well as some of my favorite MMSkincare products, which are enhanced by the MMSphere 2GO’s light. I traveled with two of her serums, MMRepose and MMBalance, as well as the Bright and Tight Retinol Eye cream and Rescue Face,Neck, and Body Cream.

I am a big believer in good skincare, but good skincare that works. I used the MMSphere 2GO daily while in Brazil. I used it in the mornings after cleansing, often with the blue light setting to reduce bacteria for the day, and red light in the evenings to boost collagen production. After cleansing morning and night with Dr. Marmur’s gentle Lucious Moisturizing Cleanser, I slathered on the water-based serums and used the light. The MMRepose targets sagging and fine lines, while the MMBalance targets redness, acne, and breakouts. After the serums I followed with the Face, Neck, and Body cream to seal in moisture. This rich cream is the ultimate hydrator but does not block or clog the pores.

One of my favorite travel buddies from Dr. Marmur is her eye cream. Aside from exfoliating gently through a dose of retinol, the cream combats sagging and puffiness which can be caused by dehydration, excessive drinking, and jetlag. I use this morning and night while traveling – even if it’s just a short trip.

Dr. Ellen Marmur has her finger on the pulse of what people need in skincare – focused, easy and targeted products that work. If you assemble her small stable of products, including the LED devices, you will see a vast improvement in your complexion and be surprised at just how few things you need to keep skin in tip top shape!