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Chelsea Frames and its owner, Mr. Daniel Beauchemin, take great pride in their work – as well as their support of the local Chelsea community. Known to be the top framers of personal artifacts and priceless art in the New York City, Chelsea Frames is unique in their approach to framing and their history in a particular location at 9th Avenue and 22nd Street. Customers come to these experts from not only across the city, but across the world and they expect nothing but the best as Mr. Beauchemin and his team have a discerning eye and always seem to know exactly how to make whatever you’re framing look its absolute best.

Chelsea Frames is unlike many other framers in New York’s competitive art space in that they never turn their nose up at anything their customers bring-in for framing. Their clients include prestigious corporations as well as local kids who happen to have created something by hand, and want to frame it. Chelsea Frames has worked with the community for decades, and not just when Chelsea was a glamorous, high-rent neighborhood. Mr. Beauchemin often says he sees kids coming into his store from the nearby projects, and he never turns them away. Instead, he works with them to foster their creativity and pride in making art.

As the Black Lives Matter movement swept America, and the world, recently, many storefronts in Manhattan and elsewhere boarded-up for fear of being damaged and destroyed. But, not Chelsea Frames. They chose to stay open as a sign of solidarity and oftentimes joined-in the marching and protests in effort to aid the change so badly needed within the world. This is fitting as Mr. Beauchemin and the team here have always been supportive of the local community and people of color, since its inception decades ago – which is a rarity amongst some businesses who have reached the level of success Chelsea Frames has.

We recently asked Chelsea Frames to help us frame two special items that so desperately needed help in showing-off their true beauty and importance. The first, a 1940s era Japanese painting on silk, which had been acquired years ago by a relative. The painting is very thin and delicate and required special handling and framing due to its transparent nature and size. This item had been planned to be placed over a bed, in a fairly modern environment, so the choosing of frame was very important. Chelsea Frames chose a sleek brushed silver metal frame that lends an elegant and seamless look to the piece, without detracting from the art itself.

The second piece was a collection of items that make-up an invitation that was used two years ago in celebration of my 10-year wedding anniversary. This anniversary was the wedding celebration myself and my husband never had when we first wed at the young age of 23. A small group of our close family and friends gathered in Ireland at the famed Lismore Castle for an unforgettable weekend. This invitation was designed to reflect our favorite place, Ireland, and the venue – and we wanted it framed after the fact in honor of the incredible time we all had. Mr. Beauchemin and Chelsea Frames did the most beautiful job in placing each part of the invitation into a setting that showcases the story and the beauty.

What we love about Chelsea Frames is that it’s an operation with heart. There’s nothing they don’t do that doesn’t start with an intention rooted in love – this is clear. For anyone seeking the finest of framing, you will not find better.