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Every year new beauty products are introduced to the market, some good and some great. But, there hasn’t been an introduction as important and revolutionary as Lumify from Bausch and Lomb in a long time. This tiny little bottle holds the key to giving your face that pop and pep you’ve been looking for. Inside the bottle, a proprietary formula waits to be used – each drop a magic wand in combatting redness, dullness and tiredness that plagues eyes today.

I have been seeing the television commercials for Lumify for quite some time, scrolling past ads on Instagram and reading reviews online. But, was it really worth all that marketing and promotion? I had to see for myself. I try my very best to take care of my eyes, eat well, drink lots of water and swallow handfuls of vitamins that are purported to be good for my health. But, despite those efforts, sometimes my eyes look a little dull. Maybe it’s all the travel. Maybe it’s the fact that I live in New York City and have city pollutants infiltrating my personal space. I’m not sure. But, I knew I wanted to try Lumify.

I wanted to experiment with it, so I read the label and followed the instructions – one drop is all that’s needed. The bottle says the effects of the liquid can last up to eight hours, which is a big claim, so I had to see if that held-up. I placed one drop in my right eye. My eyes before were white, but small blood vessels were present. After adding the drop, I waited 30 seconds and, wow. My right eye had cleared instantly, the whites were beaming and seemed to project a light I only see these days in newborn babies. I only added the drop to the right eye and let my eye do its thing throughout the day, frequently checking mirrors to see if it would last – and, it did.

Lumify is literally like a Snapchat filter for your eye and it will help your face look the best version of itself. I began giving bottles of Lumify to everyone I know, and they reported back with the same results. I do not travel without these drops and they are perfect for men and women looking for an easy and quick beauty enhancement. Who wants to walk around with cloudy, red eyes? I recommend not over-using them. In fact, I don’t use them every day, but use them when I am going out at night, have an important meeting or want to look refreshed. Everything in moderation.

You should run, not walk, to your local pharmacy or buy them online – it will be the best beauty decision you make all year.