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Brazil is my favorite country in the world, and Villa Se7e, located in Idyllic Trancoso, Bahia, is by far one of the most unique, special and interesting private properties I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in. I was a guest recently at the villa, which is located just a stone’s throw from the famed Quadrado behind the gates of a lush private community.

The villa, comprised of two houses, if more of a compound of chic tranquility, wellness and luxury in its most natural form. The hosts, Marcel and Fernanda, are beyond kind and welcoming – helping guests organize their stay in the Trancoso area from start to finish.

I have been to Trancoso several times and I love it. Once a quiet fishing village, it has slowly transformed over decades to be a hotspot for the Brazilian glitterati and international travelers “in the know”.

The perfect mix of countryside, beach, quaint village and party – it really has a vibe that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world and has a way of getting under your skin and into your soul in the best of ways.

Arriving Villa Se7e from the United States requires one stop in São Paulo for most people with an hour and a half connection to Porto Seguro, located in the state of Bahia. It takes about 90 minutes to drive from the airport into the village of Trancoso but the drive is fantastically beautiful as you glide through fields of green, forest and witness the nearby turquoise waters appearing from time to time along the coast. You can choose to rent a car (which I recommend) or, the hosts of Villa Se7e are always willing to help organize transfers for you.

I know the family of Villa Se7e well and they are part of the original “founders” of Trancoso as it is known today. Their family owns and operates the beautiful Posada Capim Santo in the Quadrado as well as the famed natural and organic Capim Santo restaurants that are located in Trancoso, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

The food at these restaurants is another story, heavenly songs of Bahian culinary masterpieces. You will taste some of the fabulous food while staying here and the hosts can even organize a chef to cook in the home for you. Fernanda and Marcel know the area inside out and there is no better family to help guide you through your Trancoso experience.

I arrived villa Se7e and was welcomed by Marcel and Fernanda. They showed me around and introduced myself and team to the household staff who help maintain the property and also serve as an informal housekeeper, cook and resident coconut gatherer for your morning coconut water.

The entire team is lovely and allows you to feel completely at home in the eco-friendly haven. Billowing white curtains, dreamy beds and rustic, but luxurious charm are all a part of the experience.

Villa Se7e is special in not only where it is located, but how it is built. It is completely self-sufficient and has a very, very low carbon footprint. It is the true definition of “eco-friendly”.

Every material used and every process needed to keep the home running is good for the environment. The bamboo house, with its unique architectural design, allows natural ventilation and airflow. Banana trees serve as a filter for waste produced by guests of the house. Even the food grown on-property that you consume as part of your daily breakfast – it’s all done with the environment considered.

Trancoso is relaxing and peaceful. Villa Se7e promotes this by offering guests everything from yoga mats to hammocks, a natural outdoor jacuzzi and shower, and bicycles for exploring the dirt roads and beaches.

Every morning the housekeeper/cook arrives to prepare a traditional Bahian breakfast which marries offerings like: fresh tropical fruit, coconut water, eggs, bacon, pão de queijo, fried cheese, tapioca, homemade cakes and more. It truly is the highlight of the stay.

I spent five nights at Villa Se7e and every night was amazing. I slept soundly, deeply and untroubled – the perfect end to a day of exploring nearly rivers, secluded beaches or shopping in the village.

Marcel and Fernanda continually check-in to be sure of your comfort, always just a few minutes away in case you should need something. After a few days here your stress begins to dissipate and you regain a sense of yourself in a natural environment – perfect for those who live in big cities. Villa Se7e is the ultimate of Brazilian private home vacations. But, a word of warning. Once you come, and settle-in, you absolutely will not want to leave.